Big Brother visits! And Carla's first day of school!

We've been keeping busy this week!  We were going to start Carla with school on Monday but her cough seemed to not be getting better, in fact, it seemed worse!  So, we kept her home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday, we took her to see her pediatrician, who confirmed that she is indeed just suffering from a cold.  Mostly I just wanted the doctor to listen to her lungs and make sure she didn't sound terrible.  We are so unused to her getting sick and getting better without a hospital visit!  So, this is definitely new.

Carla and Daddy, waiting to see Dr. Maynard
Wednesday, Cody and his girlfriend, Shelby, came for a visit and you should have seen how cute they all were together.  Carla missed her big brother so much (as did we) and meeting Shelby was quite a treat :)  she is a very sweet girl.  They played the drums together, went to lunch (she had to sit by big brother), and later in the night when he was rocking out on the drums, Carla was dancing around like a crazy person as Shelby videoed it on her phone :)  We had a great time.  

Playing the drums together :)

Shelby, Carla & Cody 

Carla slept like a baby and she seemed much better in the morning . So, we got her ready and off for her very first day of school in Cascade!  

Getting ready to leave :)  

Getting in the car.

We were so glad big brother was here to be a part of this day :) 
Carla's first day of school was a little bit overwhelming and taxing on her.  She was very tired and probably a little bit over stimulated.  She's not used to being in a school with more than 6 people in her class!   I'm sure she will adjust and be just fine, it's just a little bit difficult. We were very spoiled at the Hutch School.  But, I can't wait to watch Carla blossom as a little miss and this is what the doctor ordered for that!  So, it's time for Mommy to put on her big girl pants and to be ok with this little one having "normal" trials and tribulations.  They won't be life and death... but they may hurt the heart every now and then anyway. 

Love, Jen

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