OT, PT, Echo & Cardio Visit

We had a marathon day at the hospital today, and it looks like we will be staying in Seattle a little longer than we thought.  Last month when we had our cardio visit the doctor said that we could go home in about a month.  We, in turn, started putting together a plan to go home.  We picked March 14th, because that was the day we had planned on going home for a visit anyway.  But, now the docs want to see her again in 2 weeks before they let us go home.  So, we will have to put off the move.  Unfortunately, Bobby has a gig on the 16th, in Great Falls (for St. Patrick's Day).  So, now we have to run home  for a weekend and then back to Seattle, have a doctor visit on the 20th, and then possibly be released after that.  Our plan is to relax, plan on staying through the month at least and then if they decide that it's ok to leave after March, we will leave.

The good part about staying a couple extra weeks in Seattle is that Carla can stay at the Hutch School for a little while longer :)  We LOVE the Hutch School!  And, keeping Carla in a "safe" zone for a while longer doesn't hurt our feelings any!  (Remember, the Hutch School screens for sicknesses and nobody goes to school sick.)  RSV Season is still pretty thick at home, so keeping her in school here for a while longer sounds good to me!   Another good reason to stay in Seattle:  SPRING!  Spring in Seattle is GORGEOUS!!!!  So, if we get to be here a little while longer that's ok too!  We have suffered through the rainy winter and are ready to accept the reward of the most gorgeous spring that is Seattle in the spring.

So, there you have it!

Love, Jen

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