Going home!

Wednesday's appointment provided the news that we were looking for!  We will be moving home on Wednesday, the 27th and are very excited to start this new journey!

It's hard to believe that we have been here for as long as we have, and also weird to think about leaving.  But, we are looking forward to hanging out in the comfortably of our own home.  No more dark, small apartment for us!  And, don't get me wrong, we have been extremely blessed to have this apartment. I honestly believe that if we would have had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House with Carla's plastic bronchitis it could have killed her.  So, this place has been a life saver!   But, we are Montanans, with a house full of large windows that let the sunshine bellow in.  When we built our home we put in more lighting than we would ever really need... our family has joked that if we turn all the lights on in our home it would cause a brown out in our community ;)  This being in the gray and darkness of the rain and bad lighting, has been enough to drive this girl into a little bit of insanity. So, as I sit here in the darkness, I am extremely excited to pack our things, scrub this apartment from head to toe and let it be someone else's life saver!

Today we are going to go and visit Carla's cousin, Belle, that she hasn't gotten to see since Christmas of 2011!  Carla had to stay away from other kids when she had her PB and awaiting her transplant, so even though she loves her cousin, they weren't able to get together.  Now that she has her whole heart, we can get the girls together before we go.  We are also looking forward to seeing Bobby's cousins Tiff, Tina and Dusty.  It should be a great day!

Wednesday after school I took Carla to get her hair cut, and then to visit Bev and her Mom, Jannie.  We had a little pre-birthday/Easter celebration and it was bitter sweet leaving there.  Bev has made being in Seattle bearable.  Without her, it would have been so much harder.  We love her so much and can't thank our lucky stars enough to have such a terrific friend.  We will miss being close to our Beverly.... But, we will definitely see her a lot for doctor visits.

Carla, Tuesday night, going out for her blood draw.  
Wednesday at the doctor's office...
Waiting for doctors :)
Wednesday after school, getting a long needed haircut!  

And a sucker for her troubles :)

Getting spoiled by Grandma Bev...

A My little Pony!  Her new favorite!

She loves My Little Pony :)

Snuggling up Grandma Bev.  So sweet.

Snuggling up with Jannie, showing her all the cool My Little Pony stuff that she wants to get in the future :)  

Yesterday I received a call from Carla's future Cardiologist in Missoula.  He works closely with Seattle Children's and is even on the same computer system.  He sounds excited to meet Carla and we will be getting a call from his office on Monday to set up a doctor visit.  We will still have PT, OT, blood draws, cardio appointments in Missoula as well as in Seattle.  So, I'm hoping Carla has time to finish up Kindergarten!   I foresee a lot of running from here to there!

I am so excited and can't wait to embark on this new journey that is our new normal.  

Love, Jen


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Angee and Thom said...

This is so amazing. I am so thankful you are going HOME!

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Hope the move is going well. I am glad you always update. Carla is such a sweetie!

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