Feeling good!

We took a quick trip home and I can't even begin to describe how good it felt to be in the comfort of our own surroundings.  To sit on our own couches, hang new pictures on the wall, take a shower in our own home and get ready sitting at the vanity that used to belong to my Great Grandma ... These are the little things in life that make up a day, but when all of your own personal property is no longer available to surround yourself with, as silly as it sounds, you lose a little bit of yourself.  Being home this weekend made me remember that little bit of me that has been missing.  We are so itching to be discharged from Seattle and move back to our own little community.

Tonight Carla has a blood draw and then tomorrow she has an echo followed by a cardiologist appointment at 8:00 a.m.  We are pretty sure this doctor visit will provide us with the long awaited walking papers...and we are chomping at the bit!  Carla and I haven't lived in our home for a year and four months now...and  Bobby hasn't for a year.  Being home for the weekend she also had a new and noticeable change. She was so much more independent and active.  It was a neat thing to see!  I think the further she gets from transplant, and the further she gets from a mindset of being "sick", the more healthy and normal she will become.  Getting home, to her normal environment will stimulate that, I'm just sure of it!

Sunday we had a little (un)Birthday party/Easter gathering with the Morgan side of the family.  Sue made a lovely ham dinner and then cake for Carla's birthday.  She opened presents and had a terrific time.  After most of  the family left the little neighbor kids came down for a visit too!  They are home schooled and SO well behaved   It was a pleasure seeing them and their folks.

Here are a few pictures from our adventure :)

Wednesday night, with Grandma Wright

Visiting with Grandma Sue

Us girls at my Dad & Sue's house. 

Carla is always saying she wants to live in a pink house when she grows up. I found this one in Helena and told her if she saves all of her money that when she is a grown up, she can buy it :)
After putting the candles on her cake :)

Grandpa, lighting the candles. 

Blowing out her candles. 

Opening some presents!

Thanking Uncle Andy...

Playing with her chicken that sings and poops out eggs.  
Snuggling up and thanking Great Grandma Morgan

Being silly while she opens presents.
Every girl needs a feather boa  

Carla and the neighbor kids. 

In a pretty new dress :)

Wrapped in feathers :)

Snuggling up Grandma Sue

My brother Andy and I :)

Snuggling up Grandpa.

It was a lovely trip and we got all filled up on love and happiness.  Amazing how home and family can do that for a person.  We are so looking forward to moving home and moving forward with our lives!  Now that Carla has her perfect new heart we are offered a chance at some normalcy!  This new normalcy includes meds three times a day, listening to and keeping track of heart rates, respiratory rates, blood draws and monthly trips to Seattle.  But, it will also include pink fingers, having stamina and starting to live like other kids.  Catching a cold won't be a possible death sentence... and that's huge!  Home is on the horizon and we are ready!

Love, Jen

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