Checking out a different school...

This week Bobby & Cody took a trip to LA to check out a music school Cody wants to go to. We have always been  fans of an educated decision, so figured it was best for him to see the Musicians Institute before making his final decision.  The boys did some sight seeing and had a great time! Carla and I wished that we could have seen him, but that will come soon... Cody has some big decisions to make and hopefully this trip will help him make his final decision.  It's a scary thing to move to a great big new place like LA, but I am confident that he can do whatever it is that he puts his mind to.  So, here's to grabbing your dreams!

On their way to LA...they each had about 4 hours of sleep, but they were excited!
Checking out some music stores...

A whole store just for drums!  This is a little slice of Heaven for Cody.  

I'm  not sure where they were here... 
In front of the Capitol Records building.

Venice Beach!
Venice Beach at night!

That. Was. A. LONG. Day!

Going to his meeting at the Musician's Institute.  

Checking out MI

Inside MI

Filling out paperwork.

Bobby by the Roxy

Cody by the Staples Center :)

Bobby by the Viper Room.

Buck Cherry is playing at the Viper Room.  

In front of the Whisky a Go Go.  

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