I kind of feel like we have been holding our breath around here, waiting for the good word that everything is still great and that we can make our way home.  We were super hopeful that we would be able to leave in the middle of the month, but then were told that they wanted to see Carla on March 20th, before they are willing to "release" us to go home.  So, we are planning on keeping our apartment through March and hopefully we can be outta here before Easter.  But, if not, we are still counting our blessings every day.  Being around the Ronald McDonald House will always remind you that SOMEONE has it worse than you do.  One of Carla's best friends, has been living at the Ronald McDonald House for over 2 years. His sister needed a kidney transplant as a baby.  They waited for the transplant and then afterwards she developed cancer!  But, they are a very happy, positive family who you never hear complain about their circumstances.  They make friends with everyone, and remember all the kids' names, etc.   There are other people who refuse to be happy, probably no matter what.  I feel the most sorry for them, because they are wasting their lives away feeling sorry for themselves.  

Anyway, in my distracted state of mind I haven't been the best about posting !  So, here are a few pictures from our adventures this last week or two. 

Love, Jen 

Snuggling up her "husband" the other morning.  She still sleeps with  oxygen because her heart/lung pressures are still high and she tends to dip into the lower 90s for O2 saturations while sleeping.  The docs think the lower O2s are because of collateral veins that the body will eventually get rid of on its own.  Very common in post fontan children. 

At Red Lobster the day before Bobby left for LA.  

Last weekend at the park :)

A new dress... Carla loves her frills :)
Ice Skating with her school.  
Field trips are the bomb!  She LOVED ice skating!

Playing a video game with Daddy the other day :)

Look at that crazy driver!
Saturday was Carla's last day of piano lessons.  Here she is with her teacher, Melody, who bought her a few little departing gifts.  
We took a walk yesterday afternoon to pick up meds.  Carla walked the whole way there and back without being carried!  Huge victory!  She complained about her sore feet and legs, but wasn't out of breath!  Now that she has her new heart her little body needs time to catch up to it!  Here she is with a flower we picked.  
More flowers!  Seattle in the spring is AMAZING!!!!

Carla wanted to take a picture of me :)

Us Girls...

We love to be silly :)

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