The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Last week we received a letter from the Elementary School in Boulder, MT.  With the letter was Flat Stanley.  Our mission was to show him around Seattle, take pictures and then send him back to the class, with the pictures and a note about our adventures.  On Saturday we took him to Carla's piano lesson.  But, we wanted to show him a better time than just that!  So, yesterday we took him first to Kerry Park, where you can get the best view of the Seattle skyline.  Then, we took him to the pier, so that he could check out the huge Ferris Wheel they  built last summer.  We decided to take him on the Ferris Wheel, so that he could get a great look at the city, plus we have been meaning to check that Ferris Wheel out ever since they built it!  After the Ferris Wheel we decided to try out the Metropolitan Grill, one of the restaurants that is owned by the cooperation Bobby works for here.  The food was delicious and we had a lovely day!  Here are photos from our adventures :)  

Carla and I with Flat Stanley at Kerry Park. 

A stranger took our picture, so that we would have one with all of us together . 

Carla loves this metal circle thing, so we needed a picture here too.  This one is blurry, but still cute. 

Just us girls :)

Here we have Bobby & Carla with Flat Stanley  with a view of the Ferris Wheel. 

I think this picture is cute :)
A cool view of the Ferris Wheel. Those little carts have heat in them.  Thank goodness, it was kind of chilly by the water!

I'll take one arm and one leg please ;)

Pretty cool. 

Carla and I with Flat Stanley...

Bobby & Carla with Flat Stanley...
These two are adorable.  

The big building on the pier is Elliot's Oyster House (where Bobby works). 

Holy View Batman!

Stanley enjoyed it as well :)

The view behind me...

Carla, getting over her fear of crashing to our death...

Me, getting over my fear of crashing to our death... ;)

Gorgeous.  Seattle is such a beautiful city.

Flat Stanley with Carla's delicious meal :)

Flat Stanley, with the kids menu.  

My dessert :)

Carla and her dessert :)  Yum!
We had such fun showing Stanley around Seattle.  What a cool idea!

Love, Jen

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