Preliminary Biopsy Results

I got a phone call last night regarding Carla's preliminary biopsy results.  The doctor had not had a chance to look at them yet, but the transplant nurse was passing along the information from the pathology report.

Carla's biopsy rejection score is a 1R  with 0R being the best and 3R being the worst, causing hospitalization.  A 1R means "Mild Rejection".  But the good news is this... The pathologist didn't put any note on his notes about having to talk to the doctor right way (that's a good sign).  Her echo looks great and when they tested her donor specific antibodies, she does not have a heightened amount of those antibodies, so that is good news as well.  They also did a C4 stain test and that test was at 50% in November when they biopsied her but Friday it was at 0%, which is also good news.  Another good thought is that the body is most likely going to reject in the first year after transplant.  This is when the body is at it's strongest point of wanting to reject.  So, the fact that she is only mildly rejecting is good news.  The doctors will have a meeting tonight and will call us tomorrow with their plan.  We are not sure if this affects when we go home or not and we are not sure what their plan will be.  So, at this point we just wait and see what their plan is.

Love, Jen

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