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We had another marathon visit at Seattle Children's Hospital today ... First occupational therapy, then a break, then an echo, cardio visit and finally physical therapy.  Everything is looking great!  As of today, Carla is officially off of her steroids as well as nystatin, Spironolactone and Ranitidine!  Yay, scratching four meds off the list is one day doesn't hurt our feelings any!  Woo hoo!

Carla's three month biopsy will be next Friday, the 22nd and if everything goes as we think it will, we will plan on making a move back to Montana in mid March!  What  - what... I tried to talk the doctor out of making us go home, but she said that "This is all part of it..." and "You have to leave".  We will be doing monthly visits to Children's through May and then we will alternate between Children's Hospital and a Cardiologist in Missoula who works closely with Children's.

My head is reeling with not only the idea of moving back home, but also with sorting out the logistics.  Pretty crazy.  Carla and I have been here for a year and three months...by the time we leave it will be a year and four months.  It will be so weird to be home again!  So weird.  Pretty awesome that she will be home for her birthday this year! First time in two years!  Oh and, speaking of being home, the doctor also said that Carla can start at the Hutch school again after her biopsy AND that she can finish off kindergarten in Cascade!!!  Regular school!  Crazy!

When I told the doctor that I wasn't used to things going well and that I am worried about leaving she said something to the effect of ... I know, that is really sad...You need to get used to good things happening.  From her lips to God's ears.  I just hope this all goes as well as she think it will.

Please continue to pray that Carla will do AWESOME and be WELL!  Thank you Jesus.

Love, Jen

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