Heart Cath

Carla's heart cath went well today!  We won't have any real results until next week.  But, everything looks alright so far.  Her heart squeeze is good but it's relax is still a bit tense, which is not uncommon or worrisome at this point after transplant.  Her heart/lung pressures are still a bit high, so we will remain on the sildenafil for the next 3 months before we try a ween.

We don't have any FINAL plans, but at this point they want to see us in clinic two more times before we go "home".  So, we are tentatively thinking the last week in March will be our homecoming... Just in time for Carla's 6th Birthday on April 2nd!  And maybe even in time for Easter :)  We are excited to be coming home soon, but don't want to rush things.  So, staying a little longer than we thought is not a big deal if that's what the doctors want us to do.  We will have to be making monthly trips back to Seattle after we move...  So, staying a little longer just means less miles on our cars ;) and that's not the easiest drive in the world!  But, we should know what the verdict is following the Wednesday night weekly transplant meeting the docs have.

Here are a couple of pictures from Wednesday and then from Friday's cath.

Love, Jen

Our little poser :)  Grandma Tammy sent this dress, I bought her the boots a few months back and the hat is actually Bobby's... we are going to spray paint it pink, and then Carla can have it :)  

Carla with our favorite phlebotomist, Hector.... or as we like to call him, The Vein Whisperer ;)  

After Cath, first meal of the day...

Helping to take her IV out...

And we're outta there!  

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