Headache/puking and ramping up for the heart cath..

Carla has had a little bit of random headache followed by puking since her heart transplant.  Sunday morning I woke up to:  Mom!  I'm going to puke!  Followed by Carla puking all over her bed.  She seemed fine half an hour later, at med time, so we tried to give her her all too important transplant meds.  And, she puked all over my bed.  Forty-five minutes later, she seemed fine again (other than she said her head hurt), so I tried to give her her anti-rejection meds again, and she puked all over the desk/computer area.  Then I put her in the bath, her headache went away and an hour or two later started eating like a horse.  I was able to give her transplant meds early that evening.  When I talked to the cardiologist on call Sunday, she said that it is common for transplant kids to have random puking episodes.  We did some online investigating and found that her anti-rejection meds can cause headaches similar to a migraine as well as nausea.  So, I have decided that next time she gets a headache I will put her in the bath, because that seems to help the headaches...and the headaches seem to cause the puking.  We will be talking further with the doctors about this.  It makes me wonder if her levels are too high.  I know they came down on her Cyclosporine dose on Wednesday, and have come down on her MMF dose the two previous doctor visits.  So, maybe we just need to be a little lower.  We'll see what they say.

Carla's heart cath is Friday.... We will find out about her heart/lung pressures as well as if there are any signs of rejection.  I'm sure everything will go smoothly.  I'm hoping her pressures will be "normal" so that she can get off the sildenafil she has been taking three times a day for the past two years.  I know it helped tremendously with her plastic bronchitis, but I don't think it is necessary anymore.  Hopefully I am right and she can get off yet another med.

Carla's Grandma Tammy found her a beautiful dress at Costco the other week, and sent it on to us.  Carla LOVES her PINK FRILLY dresses... So, here she is wearing her pretty new dress!

Thank you Gramma & Papa

Carla's Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan sent her this adorable Snow White  silky pajama for Valentines Day!  Carla LOVES her SILKY nightgowns.  She has one favorite that she has been wearing since she was 2!!!  It is like a mini now ;) Thanks Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan for the new silky! 

This is Carla with "Flat Stanly"  A class in Boulder , MT sent us a letter with this Flat Stanly.  We are to take pictures of him around town and send him back with a letter and pictures describing his adventures.  Kind of cute.  Here he is at Carla's Music School (we have started her on the piano).  
I've been getting pretty antsy about going HOME!!!  We had already planned a vacation home in mid March, so now we are hoping to just make it a move home instead.  After the heart cath we should know more definitely that it is ok to go, but last Wednesday the doctor said she could most likely be released to go home in a month.  So... We are starting the plans... and the packing.  We have SO MUCH STUFF HERE!

Please pray everything goes smoothly and for perfect heart results on Friday!

Love, Jen

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