Just doing our thang...

We have been pretty much just hanging out this week.  Carla had her tutoring on Tuesday, her first Occupational Therapy appointment Wednesday at 8:00 a.m., we saw her old heart at 2:30 p.m. and then had Physical Therapy at 3:00.  Today we went to Mathews Beach park and fed the ducks.  They were starving, and nearly mauled us!  Carla laughed so hard, it was pretty funny.  

Occupational therapy Wednesday morning was basically playing with stuff.  She unlocked and relocked a bunch of locks, put a puzzle together, played a matching game and played with some of the magnet paper dolls.  She loved it.  Physical therapy was a little more difficult.  She had to stand on one of those workout ball things that has the flat side on one side and the ball on the other ... first she stood on the ball side, then on the flat side.  As she was standing there she had to play catch or throw bean bags.  This was a balancing developer and made for sore legs and feet later on.  After that, we moved on to basketball with weighted balls and then trying to jump rope.  Carla was doing proper layups (from watching big brother I am sure) but the doctor wanted her to use both arms, so she had to readjust.  Needless to say, Carla was exhausted afterwards.  Her feet still hurt today and she tells me that she likes occupational therapy much better than physical therapy.  I'm sure though that physical therapy will be very good for her :)

The other  morning Carla and I made fans.  This is the one she made :)

Tuesday, playing dress up in her dress & shoes from Cousin Belle.

This purse she got for Christmas from her Uncle Adam and Aunt Jennifer.  She was pretending to go shopping, counted all her money and decided that she needs her cash register from home...

Playing dress up and buying lots of stuff!
Playing basketball with weighted balls...

Getting ready to shoot.

Posing with the hoop.

Laughing so hard as the ducks come for more food.  

Look at all those birds!  I think we were lucky we didn't get pooped on, the seagulls were pretty aggressive and flying over our heads a lot!

Carla, with the birds...

She thought this was so fun!

Adventure = Successful :)  

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Andrew Morgan said...

Those fake glasses remind me that Carla will be wearing real glasses in a year or so, considering her mother's Mr. Magoo eyesight. (no pun or offense intended)