Wednesday, December 4th

I am so sorry for not posting sooner, but we have been so focused on Carla that it is difficult to get away to the computer.  Yesterday she had a pretty good day other than the night before she had started with really bad diarrhea, which continued through the day.  They sent out a C. diff test and the first part of it came back positive for C. diff, but today we found out that the test is actually negative.  So, that is good news.  The other good news is that they are going to release Carla to the floor.  The orders have actually been written but there is no bed available yet.  So, when one becomes available we will be moving.

As far as Carla's altered state of mind goes.  Yesterday after being stimulated with music, you tube and general silliness, we were able to see a little bit of Carla's personality again.  She laughed several times and right after Bobby and I left the hospital his parents called us back to tell us that she sat up in bed and started talking about her dream and asking for Mom and Dad.  We came back and found her mute again.  It was kind of funny, because we were joking about and talking about "Michigan Joe Frog" yesterday.... if you're not familiar, Michigan Joe was the cartoon frog who sang "Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my ragtime gal..."  he sang and danced but then when people looked at him he would just sit down and say "rib-it"   Sooo...Carla is like "rib-it"

We have spoken to neurology at length about Carla's altered mental status and we all seem to agree that it seems to be a combination of the tacrolimus toxicity combined with delirium, which can be caused from being in the ICU, having had infections, getting steroids  etc.  They are very glad that she will be moving to the floor soon and that it should help her altered mental status.  Bobby and I ask you to please pray that Carla's mind will heal.  It's very hard to see your bright and shining star be so out of it.

And, the next issue of course, is eating.  We need to get to a point where Carla can swallow, so that she can start to eat again.  I truly believe that not being able to eat, swallow, or talk are all related to the tacrolimus.  So, we are keeping our fingers crossed that her brain will  continue to get better and better...

Today she had Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, & Music Therapy!  Plus, we are playing music on our phones, watching her favorite you tube videos, movies and just trying our best to stimulate Carla.  She is so extremely bored, and also very apprehensive of anyone who comes in the room.

Today one of Carla's friends from the Hutch School came for a visit.  Carla loved seeing Stephanie and I think it really helped her state of mind.  I think anything we can do to make her feel less like a patient and more like a little girl, will bring the little girl back in Carla.

I want to post some pictures from the day (pretty cute) but my computer isn't working right, so I will try later.

Love, Jen

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Katie said...

So happy to read that she should be moving to the floor soon. It has to be so difficult seeing her this way...the physical toll it takes is hard enough but when she's not herself or responding like you'd expect, ugh. My heart goes out to you and my continued prayers for Carla's healing. We'll be there this time next week- Maddie has a cath Tuesday morning and appts. on Monday in the Heart Center. Maybe we'll bump into you...if I have a moment, I'll try to look you up. Would love to just give you a hug. Hang in there!