One Month Post Transplant...

Carla is officially one month post transplant, and she is doing fabulously.  We couldn't be more happy with her continued progress in the right direction and I think we are probably right on track for getting released by Wednesday!  We are so looking forward to getting out of here!  Carla said to me today, "I wish we had a living room."  Funny, but yes, we are all living in her bedroom here.  Although, we have made our own little make shift kitchen in the corner of the room.  That's right, this isn't our first rodeo and we do have our Keurig, toaster and supply of snacks.

Today was another good day.  We went for two long walks and Carla seems to be getting stronger and stronger.  We are trying to have her do more on her own, to build her strength, so, we are trying to give her less assistance.  She has been brushing her own teeth, getting off of her bed, on to a stool and down from the stool with just a little assistance, she is getting up on a stool and then on to the toilet with only a little assistance as well.  I have to admit, it is so hard to not just pick her up, carry her around and do everything for her, but she needs to get her strength back, and that won't happen if we don't let her use her muscles.  Also, she did some drawing today, she seems to be getting all of her hand/eye coordination back, which is awesome!  She didn't have any weird steroid rages today either!  Yay!  So, that's great.

Bobby's Mom is currently working on sterilizing our apartment.  She can clean better than any human being that we know of, so we are extremely thankful that she is doing the sterilizing of the apartment.  Carla's immune system is going to be extremely vulnerable for the next 3 months.  So, this is just our first step in trying to keep her safe.

On another note, I found out about a place called "Candy Cane Lane" here in Seattle.  Apparently it is a neighborhood that seriously decks out for Christmas.  So, we will be making a drive by in the near future!  I told Carla today that it is almost Christmas!  She didn't know!  So, when we get out of here we will have to do some serious Christmas fun stuff.

And speaking of Christmas...  We are sad that Cody is unable to take time off of work to be with us for Christmas.  :(  He came up when Carla was having her mental issues, but can't come up now.  It really sucks that we won't all be together.  But, I am really happy that he will be able to spend it with Thomas and Roger.  The three of them will be having an unconventional Christmas.  So, that's pretty cool.  I hope next year we will all be together again.  Even if just for a couple of days.

Anyway, time for bed.

Love, Jen

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