Look Who's Talking... Michigan Joe Style..

My Facebook post at 8:40 last night: 

We took Carla for a wagon ride and all of a sudden she burst out saying "I WANT!" and couldn't finish her thought. We thought she wanted to see the hermit crab we were on our way to see when she fell asleep but on the way back she kept trying to tell us something more. When we got back to the room I asked her if she wanted some water and she nearly flew out of her Dad's arms. What she was trying to say is "I want water!" We gave her water on a sponge sucker and she drank it like someone who had been trapped in a desert! Now she is sleeping :) Here's to more talking tomorrow!

Carla had a good nights rest, the first one in 12 days or so!  She slept and slept.  None of that crazy staring at the ceiling and rolling around all night.  Thank you Jesus!  When she awoke she started telling her nurse:  "I have something to tell you..."  She never was able to finish the tail end of her thought, but she did get out that it was about a princess.  She was talking and saying the same words, kind of in a circle for a few minutes and then she went silent again.  When we tried to get her to talk again she cried.  So we aren't going to push.  It must be so very frustrating for her!  Especially since she likes to talk and tell stories more than anyone I have ever met!  It was so exciting to see that part of her coming back...and when her speech returned so did all the hand gestures and dialog that she would normally use (including biting  her nails!).  It's very encouraging because it seems that once we can get through that barrier, our Carla will be back... 

Here's to another great day!

On another note:  Dad and Sue had to leave to go back home today... they will be driving and the roads my get a little hairy.  Please pray that they have a safe trip.  Roger is going to fly home today ... and Bobby's Mom is going to stay with us to help us man the ship while Carla continues to heal.  Bobby has to get back to work, so it will be nice to have an extra set of hands, moral support and love.  Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Standing on her bed.

Grandpa taking her on a wagon ride

Wagon rides make her sleepy... 
Drinking off the sponge sucker!

I'm so thirsty!

Carla's village...

Carla with her beautiful bear from the Garibay family.  

Carla with her Grandparents Wright and her new bear from the Garibays

Carla with her Grandparents

I think this is cute how her Grandmas are looking at her. 
Sleeping on her evening wagon ride.  

With Daddy on her evening wagon ride.  


Sue Peterson said...

So thankful to read this post! I have been watching, reading and waiting...she looks fantastic and I hope it will be a smooth ride from here to home! We, too, had a few bumps (not as big as yours) during recovery, so I know how hard it can be to deal with the roller coaster! I hope its all downhill from here!

Irma Sibert said...

YEAY!!!! We have been praying and thinking of her everyday! Even my boss is asking about her daily! I am so happy to see the changes for better! Carla is so strong... she will be a force to recon with when she gets older!

Anonymous said...

You guys dont know me - but I have been following this, and sending good vibes & thoughts.

Makes me sooooo happy to read this. I feel that you as parents went through so much, I can´t even imagine. Take one step at a time and look out for yourself.

Take one step at a time.

cici said...

I bet she will have a lot to say if Santa comes for a visit!
Stay positive, she's almost there.

Nicole said...

I found your blog though another heart blog and SO appreciate you sharing your daughter's daily story.

We adopted a baby boy with HLHS last year. he is about to turn 3 and we recently found out he is not a candidate for the 3rd surgery and transplant is likely to be his only option. He is doing well now, but we weren't there for the first 2 surgeries and it makes me so anxious to think of him having a heart transplant. Seeing what it is actually like through your blog is really helping me.

Thank you for sharing!