We are getting used to life again out of the hospital.  Yesterday Bobby and I went shopping (because it was pretty much Mother Hubbard's Cupboard around here) and we hadn't gotten any Christmas presents!  It's funny because a couple of days before we got "the call" I had a dream it was Christmas and we didn't have any presents ... I guess that could have become a reality if we hadn't been released from the hospital!  But, luckily we have been released and yesterday Bobby and I spent some serious time at Walmart.  We got Carla lots of things that we know she will love ... We may have over done it a little bit, but she earned every last present!  

We are settling in to our new schedule ... Meds at 7:15, 1:15, 4:00 and 7:15.  It's nice because I used to give meds at 8:00, 2:00 and 8:00, not doing it right at bedtime is kind of nice.  Waking her up to take meds though can be a pain ... but she has been really good about it. And, I think the more we settle in to our new routine, the easier it will get.  Tomorrow will be her first blood draw, which I am not looking forward to.  We will have two a week for the first three or so weeks and then we will go down to once a week.  The blood draws will be around 6:45 p.m. (they have to be timed for half an hour before her next dose to get a good level reading).  Let's pray her Cyclosporine level stays where they want it!  Right now they want the level between 250 and 350 (closer to 250 is good).  Her level yesterday was 252.  So, we hope the dose is right where it needs to be.  

This morning Carla woke up with a low grade fever 99.9 in one ear and 100.1 in the other.  It has not changed from being 100.something all day.  She also has a little bit of a cough.  Her heart rate, and respiratory rate are still alright ... so we are just monitoring her and we will call the hospital back (we called them this morning) if anything changes.  I have to tell you, this part of it really stinks!  We just want her well, and I know that being home now she is so much safer than she was at the hospital with all the people in and out of her hospital room all day and night.  So, we are hoping she gets back to being really healthy ASAP. 

Carla received a present in the mail yesterday from her Uncle Bill, Aunt Tristan, Tristan's folks as well as Tristan's Grandparents.  We got a call today that she could open the present, even though it's not Christmas yet!  She LOVED all of it,  but her favorite thing had to be the Furby that they sent!  She has named her Furby "Love" and she shows her lots and lots of love.  Carla says she is going to play with it every day!  The Furby ties into an iPad App that she can feed it with, and she has been making it all kinds of food!   I can't wait to see what she thinks of all of her other presents!  What a fun age!  I remember when Cody was growing up thinking "This is the BEST age!"  I thought that about every age for so many years ... Kids are fun!  And this really is THE BEST AGE!

Love, Jen

Yesterday, after completing the decorations on the tree.

The tree looks beautiful :)

Opening her present...

Ooo!  Bubble Wrap!  

With a cool Princess star ornament/pinata 

Playing with a princess wand...


The Furby!  

The game of Operation!  

From Bill & Tristan...

A beautiful robe!  a beautiful lunchbox and, a MSU Cheerleader outfit!  We will put her in that later and take a picture! 

Being cute with her Furby, Love.  

With Love ... 

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