Hotel California...

Getting out of Seattle  Children's Hospital reminded me of an old Eagles song.... "Welcome to the Hotel California.... You can check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave!!"  All silliness aside, we were finally able to leave, around 8:20 last night.  During the ultrasound of Carla's vein that the PICC was in, they found a little clot, which made the ultrasound last two hours instead of one.  After that we went back to our room and waited for news  about what the plan was going to be.  Luckily, the clot was in one of the collateral veins that they had coiled off during the cath three or so weeks ago, so they don't care about it (because it can't go anywhere!)  After that, there was a result that came back from one of her blood draws that required a readjustment in her transplant meds... so we had to wait for the orders to be changed.  Then, they wanted us to go home with a blood pressure cuff and machine, but they couldn't find a cuff and once they did, couldn't get the machine to work.  THEN, when we finally did have our walking papers, there was an error in the dosages of meds for discharge, so we had to wait for them to correct the error.  While they corrected the error we walked over to the CICU and said goodbye to a couple of nurses who took care of Carla while she was in her worst condition.  They were so happy to see her doing as well as she is. 

Upon leaving the CICU we had to walk down the same hall that we had walked down so many times before... while Carla was so sick in the CICU.  I have to say that taking that walk while holding her hand and visiting, was like the best gift a person could ever be given.  The feeling was amazing!  

When we finally did get to leave, it felt like there should be some fanfare or something.  But no, it was just a Mother, Father and their little girl, walking out of Seattle Children's Hospital.  But, we knew it was something more special than just that.  Bobby pulled up the car and Carla loaded in, just like she has so many times before.  

We got back to our apartment and Carla was greeted by her Grandma Wright and the Christmas decorations Grandma had insisted we put up (thank you Mom).  Carla was so happy and a little bit nervous too... it's weird to be home again after being in the hospital for so long!  We unloaded the bags from the car (they are everywhere now) and I spent a bunch of time organizing Carla's meds, while Bobby, Carla and Grandma decorated the tree a little bit.  Around 10:00 we finally got Carla all tucked in.  We took note of her heart rate and respiratory rate and then settled in for a good night's rest....  this morning felt like it must be Christmas.  You know, the magical feeling of Christmas morning...  We are so happy to be home in our apartment :)  

Love, Jen

We're ready...

The anticipation is building...


Carla and her Grandma Wright, super happy.

Same picture, different phone ;)

And finally, we are leaving...

Waiting for the car...

Ready to go!

It's almost Christmas!

Taking in the Christmas tree...

Taking in being home.

Super happy.

Getting organized...

Decorating the tree :)

Putting up the ornaments.

So sweet :)

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