Paper Dolls

Today we had Carla open her Christmas presents from our dear friends, Jeff & Jessica (they said to open them right away).   They couldn't have done a better job picking presents, because Carla has been sitting quietly in her bed, playing with her paper/magnetic princesses for the past 2 hours!  Changing their outfits and accessories.  Very cool.  I can only imagine what is going on in her imagination with these pretty princesses.

Today is just another day of hanging out.  Carla will get an echo (to check for rejection) and they will be pulling her NG tube because she is now taking ALL of her medicines by mouth!  Yay no more tube in her nose!   We were able to convert a lot of the liquids to pills, so that has made this process SO MUCH EASIER.  I guess maybe I should write a letter to that nurse who gave her a coumadin pill when she was 3 and told her it was a chewable, because the next time we gave her a coumadin she swallowed it (without chewing) and has been able to take pills ever since.

Today is my amazing husband's birthday!  And, I couldn't be more happy to have such an awesome husband.  It would have been nice to get released on Bobby's birthday, but, one day won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things... so, here we sit.

Love, Jen

Just after opening her presents...
Super excited!
Being hammy
Checking out her Princesses
Playing with her princesses.

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