So, we just might have gotten a little bit carried away with the Christmas presents... But in our defense, wouldn't you have done the same?  As a matter of fact, you DID do the same!!!  So many of you guys sent Carla presents that I am pretty sure we are going to have to find a bigger apartment!   And, when we do finally get to go home, we are going to have to rent a big U-Haul!  Goodness!  

She is doing well, except for the pesky cold that she caught in the hospital, and hasn't been able to kick since we have been home.  We think that she is on the mend, but it just seems like it is taking forever for her to get well.  Although, I'm not sure how a child with an immune system under attack the way hers is, is supposed to fight off a cold.  Slowly and surely I guess.

Tonight we have to go in for another blood draw at 6:45 and then tomorrow we have another echo at 1:00 and cardiologist visit at 2:00.  We take Carla's heart rate and respiration rates every night and morning, and everything is stable so far :)

At this point we are just finally starting to get ourselves organized from being at the hospital for 5 weeks followed by Christmas exploding all over our apartment!  It's by no means perfect around here, but I do have to say I am extremely glad it was clean when we got back from the hospital, otherwise we would have had a terrible wreck!  Bobby's Mom has been with us since the day of Carla's transplant (6 weeks ago) and was responsible for the state of our apartment when we got home to it.  We have been so grateful that she was able to stay and help us out.  She is leaving on Saturday though, and I'm sure Bobby's Dad, as well as Montana, will be happy to have her back :)  

I cannot believe that it has been six weeks since Carla's transplant.  It feels like it was so long ago, and yet it is hard to believe it has been six weeks... we can officially lift her by her underarms, as her chest is considered to be "fully healed". 

Here are our Christmas pictures :)

Love, Jen

Carla with her bike and helmet from Santa :)

She's pretty excited to learn how to ride.  When she was so sick I  kept envisioning her riding around on a pink princess bike.  I'm so glad Santa found one for her. 

Carla and her Grandma with her games from Santa.  

Little handheld princesses are cool :)

Carla wanted a pretend phone, we found these...

Opening a gift from Ted & Nancy...

Such a lovely wrap job :)

It's a Leapfrog reader, and it is super cool!

Reading her card :)

Opening her gift from Tammy (our cardiac nurse in GF) Thanks Tammy!  

On to Grandma Sue & Grandpa's gift...

An Easy Bake Oven!
Very cool Light Designer that we got her...

Princesses for her Ultimate Dream Castle...

Sleeping Beauty was not in the pack... Sleeping Beauty is Carla's favorite princess, so we HAD to get her an Aurora  too!

In her stocking from Aunt Punky

And, last but not least, a Barbie thing that I bought online on Black Friday, while Carla lay in the hospital recovering...

Oh my... Christmas just blew up in our apartment...

A corner of the bedroom we found for Carla's friends :)

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Angee and Thom said...

A very Merry Christmas to you Wright family!