Christmas Eve & a Doctor Appointment

Carla had an echo and cardio visit yesterday.  Things continue to look good, her med levels were a tiny bit low so they upped her cyclosporin amount by .05 ml, but other than that, no changes.  Her echo continues to look great and even though she has a bit of a cold, things are good.  We will get another blood draw Thursday night and then an echo and cardio appointment on Friday.

Before her appointment Carla's Great Aunt Punky and cousin Dusty stopped over to drop off a bunch of presents for her from Tina, Dusty, Punky,  Tiffini & Belle!  She was extremely spoiled, and we couldn't be more thankful!  After the doctor visit we went for a little drive around "Candy Cane Lane" which is actually pretty small, but very cool anyway.  Next year I can't wait to take Carla to Treasure State in Helena, because they really know how to put on a light show.... and we are talking a whole neighborhood, not just a little street.  What can I say ... things are just bigger in the Big Sky State :)

After arriving home from looking at lights we let Carla open one present.  Of course, she picked the biggest one under the tree ... and she was super excited to find out that she got the Ultimate Princess Castle!  I made ham and bean soup while Carla and Bobby put the castle together and we later watched "A Christmas Story."  As funny as it may seem, it was the first time I've seen it, and I thought it was super cute!  Carla got to bed late (around 10) and we were up at 7:15 for meds.  After meds she opened presents for AN HOUR!!!  But I will write another post about that!

Anyway, here are some pictures from last night!

All my love, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Playing Princess Yahtzee with Grandma after her blood draw Sunday night.

With her Dora microphone from her cousin :)

Putting Legos, from the Chisholm family, together :) 

Welcome to Candy Cane Lane

Getting ready to open her big present...

Bobby, getting the castle together...

Carla, enjoying the fruits of his labor :)

Our little princess, with her princess castle :)

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