Cardio appointment

Carla's appointment yesterday went well! Her cold is still a cold, her X-ray looks a little better and her echo looks great! Her med levels are "within range" so we don't even have to do so much as a dose change. We have another appointment on Monday but can wait to do another blood draw until Tuesday night, because she also has an appointment on Wednesday. Yay for no blood draw until Tuesday! Thank you for your continued prayers! We are looking so forward to this new chapter in our lives!

Love, Jen

Making Easy Bake cupcakes Thursday night :)

Getting ready for her echo.

After the echo...humoring her Mommy with a smile :)

I just think she is so cute ;)

The EKG... It looks worse than it is.... She has to hold still for 15 seconds while they take a picture of what is going on with her heart.  

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