To The Floor!

Carla has officially been moved from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, to "the floor".  On the floor we have a large room, with a beautiful view and way less nurses and doctors bothering us. They train us about Carla's new meds and get us ready to go home.  Unfortunately, Carla may have to go from the floor to an inpatient rehab facility, but, at least we are one step closer to home.

Please pray that Carla's neurological faculties return and that we can be released from the hospital in a couple short weeks.  I can't wait to hear that beautiful little voice, cook her her favorites and watch her eat.  I also can't wait until she is swiping around on the ipad like it's second nature.  Right now she still has been unable to talk, she has intermittent control of her hands and she is getting her nutrition from a feeding tube.  In a couple of days they will do a swallow study, to see if we can try to feed her again.  Luckily she is getting some control of her mouth back... today she was able to open it so that I could brush her teeth.  Her progress waxes and wanes though, so here's to constant improvements and a full recovery. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

Love, Jen

Moving to the floor.
Relaxing in her new digs.
Snuggling up Daddy.
Check out that view!
Snuggling in our new room while Grandpa plays the guitar :)


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Great news. I wish her road wasn't so hard! I can start to see the twinkle in her eyes coming back though!

Angee and Thom said...

Yeah for the floor! What a view! love the snuggles with Dad

jamie wilson said...

I know you don't know me I just read your story in the billings gazette and I know how wonderful that gift is to have and how tough the road is my daughter is 4 yrs post transplant on the 9th of December which was done in Seattle Washington and they have a great bunch of people there most of all those nurses both icu and floor our favorite doctor is yuk law you are in good hands there and I wish u all the luck if you ever want you can email me I do know a couple other heart moms as well one is currently there with her son my email is willow6999@gmail.com good luck to u guys my name is Jamie by the way and my daughter is shayla