Baby Steps

Carla is taking baby steps in the right direction.  We tried her out on high flow this morning and she has been able to remain on high flow ever since.  Her heart rate is around the 130s, saturations in the high 90s and respiratory rate in the low 30s.  So, that is pretty good.  Her oxygen is around 50% on 8 liters of high flow.  She has been able to cough and clear her lungs and they actually sound clear!  Again, we are cautiously optimistic.

As far as her mental status goes...  Carla still has not spoken a word and it seems as though she doesn't have control of her mouth very well, so that might be why she isn't talking.  She drools sometimes and her mouth is kind of twitchy.  The good news though is that she is looking at us, holding our hands, wanting us and looks to be excited about things we would think would make her excited.  She isn't the best about following directions, but we did get her to clap her hands when we were singing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands."  She actually slept for 7 hours last night!  She hasn't slept for more than an hour at a time for over a week.  So, 7 hours was great!  We are hoping that she gets a good night's rest tonight as well.  The doctors keep telling us that good rest will help with her brain's recovery.  I am so happy that she seems to be coming back to us.  I can't wait until she makes that full recovery, because she is quite the little entertainer.

Today we have had her sitting up, playing with her princesses, coloring, painting, blowing bubbles, listening to music and playing with the ipad.  It is clear to me that getting control of her hands again is going to be part of her recovery.  Her hand eye coordination is pretty horrendous.  But at least she is trying.  I am sure she will get all of that back, it's just going to take time. I'm just glad we are getting more than just a blank stare.  She really enjoys listening to music, so we are doing that quite a bit.  I can't wait until I can get her out of the bed and dance around with her again.  She has always loved that!  And, now that she is so thin it will be super easy for me to carry her around...poor baby.  Speaking of that... she is finally back to "full feeds" again.

Let's pray that Carla's lungs continue to do well and that her brain makes a full recovery.  She is such a sweet sweet girl.

Love, Jen


To Be or Not to Be said...

What a journey! This last year has really been something for your family. I bet this next year is going to go so fast with Carla getting healthy. I can only imagine what Christmas next year will be for your family to be able to be together again ----- at home. I'm so grateful your little girl is on her way to her new life.

Angee and Thom said...

What an Amazing kid! I know she will beat all odds and ROCK rehab