Another day in paradise...

Post op, day 18... Carla's lungs seem to be getting better, she hasn't been coughing up any blood and the secretions seem to be less and she can cough and clear herself pretty easily.   She seems to recognize us but is pretty unresponsive with regard to answering questions.  She won't even nod her head, point or anything.  She still hasn't spoken, but we did get her to swallow last night and she seems to be drooling a bit less.  I have to think the drooling is being caused from a most severe sore throat (she was intubated and extubated 4 times).  Maybe when that gets better she will start talking again too.  The down swing of the day is that she has been having really severe diarrhea.  :( Like REALLY BAD diarrhea.  They are sending out a test for C-diff...something I have only heard about from other heart Moms.   I really hope she gets better soon.  

We will be getting another visit from neurology today, the physical therapist should come and evaluate her and we are trying to wean her to a normal oxygen hose because the high flow canula is ridiculous!  I swear, someone should think of something better!  It's hard to keep in mind that these doctors and nurses are on our side, because it seems like they are poisoning our baby with anti-rejection drugs that caused her brain to swell, give her the jitters, inability to sleep, severe diarrhea, etc.  She far worse than she was with half a heart.  

All I can say is ... this better get better.  I understand that I am impatient. We would like her better like 2 weeks ago.  There is nothing worse than watching your child be as sick as Carla has been.  It is wearing for sure. 

Please continue to pray that Carla's body will heal and that she will be well SOON.  

Thank you!

Love, Jen


cici said...

oh ugh, not the big D. Is she on antibiotics? Those will surely cause it. Can she eat Yogurt? mashed banana,applesauce, rice?
I know you are in the hospital with top notch care, but sometimes they don't think of these things, just push more meds.
I appreciate your sense of humor
(Another day in Paradise). I envision Carla surrounded by Palm Trees sipping a tall drink with a straw. ;)in her bed.
Poor little sweetheart, you know I
have her in my Prayers and you too.
So rough on everybody.

Allison said...

We just want to send our love and prayers from Idaho! I can't imagine how hard it is to see Carla still having such a rough recovery. She really does like to do things her own way doesn't she! I hope that tomorrow brings some positive changes. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Please know although it seems like God isn't there helping and healing, He is the one in control. Our son went through what I call a 6 month nightmare in the hospital. It was in fact a med school which you think would have all the answers. Try to hang in there and keep believing (every minute of every day) that God is going to heal your precious girl, Carla.
God does do miracles in His own timing. May God give you peace and hold you all in His loving arms. God bless with love,