A really good day!

Carla has had a really good day today!  Only about one or two angry moments AND she took her nighttime transplant meds by mouth!!

The day started with yet another swallow study... and they are finally convinced Carla can indeed swallow thin liquids without silently aspirating.  So, her diet has been unrestricted, which started off her day right!  She has drank so much water and has eaten so much today!  I ran back to the apartment and made her some chicken spaghetti with olives and mushrooms, and garlic toast, which made her SUPER HAPPY!  Carla is a huge fan of anything that involves a noodle... and she can slurp a noodle like nobody's business!

The doctors have been trying to leave us alone more and kind of give Carla a break.  They are extremely pleased with her improvement but they also understand that her getting prodded at all the time does not help her mental state.  The leaving her alone and letting her act more like a kid is really working, and we are so pleased!  It is so fun to be getting our girl back!  She is so sweet, smart, funny, loving and happy...  Thank you Lord for giving us our baby back.

She has been bed bound for most of the afternoon, getting another thymoglobulin (sp?) treatment, but this one went better than yesterdays.  Yesterday the steroid dose was a bit high and she was a bit crazed.  Today they toned it down a bit and it went way better!  She actually took a nap from about 5:15 until 7:45.  Upon waking we were able to convince her to take her 2 anti-rejection meds by mouth (they are the most important so we are starting with them).  Afterwards we had a big celebration!  Let's just hope her 8a.m. dose goes just as well or better.  Carla has always been a champion about taking meds, but she's not a fan of new meds.  

After a bath and ready for a walk... 
Two thumbs up with the wiggles, super happy!

She's back to making funny faces...

Proud of herself for taking her meds.

Happy little med taker.

Us Girls. 

So maybe I was a little bit excited about Carla taking her meds...


Anonymous said...

So glad Carla had a good day- you and your family definitely deserve it. Thanks so much for the amazing blog, and as a medical reader yes, you spelled thymoglobulin correctly. :) Sending love, prayers, hope, and happiness your way, A friend of Leesha's

Lisa Luke said...

Doing the happy dance for you!

Angee and Thom said...

What a beautiful day!!!