A better day :)

Today was a better day!  It seems like Carla's rage is coming less and her personality is shining through more!  She actually picked up my phone, on her own, picked out a game and started playing it for the first time today.  So, I handed her her Dsi and she was able to play that as well!  This is huge because she was very techy before the transplant but since her tacrolimus toxicity has been unable to use her fingers like she used to.  One step closer to Carla's "normal" baseline is one step closer to home!  The doctors and therapists continue to be amazed on a daily basis how much she has improved.  And we are so extremely thankful for her continued progress!  These past couple of weeks have been horrendous, terrifying and frustrating all together.  Getting back to awesome is wonderful!  

Today Carla was a busy girl with occupational therapy and speech therapy in the morning.  We also took her for a walk down the hall, had lots of doctors visiting, Bobby and I had more transplant training, and we were finally able to find the box that some of my courthouse co-workers had sent us (that was delivered to the hospital last Friday).  I had asked the lady at the desk on our floor and she was able to track it down.  Carla was really excited to get a box full of stuff for her and we really appreciated it, especially because it helped us avoid an afternoon roid rage!  I could see her starting to slip into grumpiness, and then the package was delivered and it really cheered her up!  So, thank you to Sue, Shirley and Laurena for saving the day today!!!  This afternoon we also did a lot of reading, and eating.  In fact, we had one of Carla's favorite Chinese food restaurants deliver us some food!!!  Thank you Yummy Cafe!  This evening Carla had a shower (that ticked her off royally) but then she got to take a wagon ride, which is when she picked up my phone and started playing with it.  We think that the more we get her out of the room, the more she will continue to act more like herself.  And, it seems to be working!!!  

Here's to more great days!!!  

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate it more than you will ever know.  

Love, Jen

Yesterday, while the bed was getting changed, we were being silly. 
Being silly :)
Today, happy with her new loot!  We had the tube that she ripped out yesterday replaced so that we don't have to fight her about taking her meds by mouth for now. 
Carla's Yummy Cafe lunch!  :) Our girl LOVES Chinese food!  

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Mikey n Bev said...

That's awesome !!!!! We're so glad to hear things are getting better every day . Way to go toot !!!! And way to go Bob n Jen !!!! Rock on !!!!