Wednesday, Post Op Day 6

Little Miss Carla continues to rock and roll.  She had a good night, even as they continued to wean the ventilator settings and right now they have her ventilator settings on a trail CPAP mode as a form of a test to see if she is able to breathe on her own without the ventilator doing it for her.  They will have her on this "test" for a 2 hour period, rounds are at 10:30 and they will at that time talk to the transplant doctors and find out if they think trying extubation again is the right thing to do.  So far she doesn't show any indication that extubation would be a bad thing, but the doctors will have to make that final decision.

We hope so much that she can be extubated and that she continues to do well off of the ventilator. It is so uncomfortable for her and they have to keep her pretty doped up to be comfortable.  So, off the vent and moving around more sounds way better to me.

Say a prayer, and here's to hoping!

Love, Jen

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Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Linda, Jeff's mom! I finally found your blog again, thanks to Jessica. I am so happy to see that Carla is responding, God bless her. We have our church praying for her, all my friends have her there too. I am glad you can finally see some positive progress and everyone is praying for more good news every single day. I send my blessings of love and strength to all of you! You really have a lot to be thankful for tomorrow...love to you all...Linda Stultz