We have turned the corner!

Well, we have officially turned the corner with regard to the ventilator!  Carla was extubated last night around 7:45 and here I am, nearly 12 hours later and she is rocking and a rolling!  She has pretty much not slept all night (her days and nights have switched) and her oxygen saturations are at 100% on 1 and 3/4 liters of oxygen, plus nitric oxide.  I have a feeling today is going to be a little rough, only because they will not just let her continue to sleep all day... I have a feeling she will be  made to sit in a chair (per the nurse) maybe walk, and I asked if she can start having liquids and going potty on the big girl potty again.  She has been holding it since she has been in the diaper.  So, starting today, things are going to start being more "normal" for Carla Toot!  We are so excited!

Please continue to pray that she stays healthy and that her body accepts her perfect heart, as it's own.

Love, love love!!!!


Sue Cox said...

What great news for this Saturday morning. Sending continued prayers & positive thoughts from Montana to Carla and all of her family.


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

I'm covered in goosebumps reading this wonderful update! Keep it up Toot!!!

The Smith's said...

So excited to read this! So thankful for Carla's extubation being successful!!!

Katie said...

Yes, such awesome news! Way to go Carla girl!!!