Tuesday, Post op Day 5

Well, Carla seems to be doing better, but Mommy is kind of crabby ... Bobby says I need to get a T-Shirt that says "You're about to get bitch slapped."  But,  the good news is that after Carla's treatments this morning the RT said that her lungs sound "clear".  We haven't heard those words in days!  So, that's wonderful news!  The Pulmonologist changed the settings on the vent, so that her breaths are as voluminous as they would like them to be, and if they are not, the vent will help her out a bit.  Her O2 setting is down to 40% and she continues to sat in the high 90s.  Her heart rate and blood pressure are also great!  They haven't done rounds yet, so I'm not sure what the plan for the day is.  But, I do know that she is doing better and that we are happy about that!  Please pray that Carla continues to heal and be well ... we love her so much and it is just so hard to watch her have to go through this.

Love, Jen


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh better news! Keep getting better sweet girl!

ShannonRyan said...

Keep up the progress, Miss Carla!!!!! Xoxo