Thursday, Post op day 14. Extubated, again.

What a day!!!  I can't believe how well Carla is doing after basically extubating herself!  We are very cautiously optimistic!  Maybe the third time is the charm!  If they do try to put her back on the vent though I'm worried that she would do the same thing.  

They have pretty much turned off all of the sedation drugs, so Carla is coming back to life.  I was very concerned about her mental status, but the more she comes out of the haze, the more she seems to be more like herself.  I'm hoping so much that we have finally crested the top of this mountain and are ready to start headed down the other side of it!  Only time will tell, but I am so hopeful!  

Anyway, I need  to get back to my little sweetheart.  

Please continue to pray for Carla's body to heal and for her body to accept her perfect new heart as it's own.  Thank you!  

Love, Jen


Anonymous said...

See! She knew! Keep it rolling!

Angee and Thom said...

This little lady has so much spunk and moxy! I love all the family picts, she is so loved.