The Surgeon...

We spoke to the surgeon about an hour ago and he told us about how Carla's surgery was as "normal" as a heart transplant could be.  There were no complications, other than some bleeding afterwards (but that is normal with all the scar tissue, etc. and not considered a complication.) The heart was a perfect fit and Carla did well.  We are waiting to see her, so have run home for a quick bite and then will be back to the hospital in a flash.  Roger and Tammy are at the hospital and will go in to see Carla as soon as they let them.  Dad & Sue are on their way and should be to the hospital very soon.  It was so nice to have Tiffini and Beverly as well as Bobby's folks with us today.  Surgery is so nerve wracking and having our loved ones with us makes it so much easier.  We are so extremely thankful to all of our friends, family, loved ones, strangers, heart family, etc. who have been praying for Carla, checking in on her and rooting for us.  We can't even begin to explain how grateful we are to have you all!!!

Thank you Jesus for this day, for our beautiful daughter and our wonderful support system.  Thank you for our donor family, please wrap them in your arms and let them have comfort in knowing that they have provided a new life for our daughter as well as many others.



Allison said...

Wonderful news! We continue to pray here in Idaho for Carla, your family, and especially the donor family. There is a lot of love pouring in from IHH too!!

cici said...

Let the healing begin!
Love to Carla