The plan...

So, I missed rounds, cried, threw a baby fit and then when I got back in Carla's room I got to speak to both her nurse and her Transplant Cardiologist.  The plan as we know it at this point is this:  1) we will let her rest on the vent for at least a couple of days before we try taking her off; 2) her lungs are leaky, which is a plastic bronchitis trait, but there has been no evidence that there are any casts in there; 3) she has a new central line, but they were able to use the old hole, so no new pokes (yay!); 4) our concern about bronchial malacia is a bit subsided because they don't foresee having her on the vent for an extended period of time and that her lungs are older and stronger than they were the last time she had that, so it is most likely not going to be a problem; 5) they will most likely pull her chest tube today; 6) after pulling the chest tube they are going to start vest treatments; 7) they are going to start her on one of her transplant drugs that she will go home on called tacrolimus; 8) the prednisone they are giving her helps her lungs heal, 9) they will be giving her thymoglobulin today, which is a drug that attacks the body's white blood cells (so that her white blood cells don't attack her new heart).  So, it's a big day.  We had a little bit of a set back with the vent, but it is not something that is unheard of.  We will just let her rest, hope for the best and pray.  I am confident that the wonderful doctors and nurses in the great facility know what they are doing :)

That's it for now folks!

Love, Jen


Lisa Luke said...

Will continue to pray for little Carla....and for you...and for the medical staff so carefully taking care of her... Prayers for healing, prayers for patience and peace of mind, prayers for the wisdom to do the right thing in the right time.

Continued love from Nebraska!

dmg said...

Praying for Carla and your family. Hoping that her lungs will be strong and soon she will be off the vent and making progress towards going home.

Allison said...

Prayers for Carla from her IHH buddies in Idaho! What are the doctors thinking about how her plastic bronchitis affected her lungs? Is it safe to assume that her new heart should cure her casts with increased blood flow? I am totally clueless about how transplant affects it, but we will absolutely continue to pray for her lungs and her new heart!