The plan, Post Op day 8 (Black Friday)

We finally have another plan to extubate little Miss Carla!  She needs a PICC line for blood draws, etc., so they will be taking her to IR (Interventional Radiology) at 2:30 to place that line.  There is anesthesia required, so it is a big deal, but not anything that she has never had before.  In fact, her last PICC was placed on her birthday in 2011.  The hope is to get the line in her left arm, if that doesn't go well they will put one in her left chest, which we hope will not be the case.   After the PICC is placed she will come back to her room in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and recover from the anesthesia.  After a couple of hours they will pull her breathing tube and replace it with a high flow nasal cannula with a combination of oxygen and nitric oxide.  The Nitric helps with pulmonary pressures and will be weaned once they feel her sildenafil is 100% working.  Carla has a history with high pulmonary pressures (which cause Plastic Bronchitis) because it will take her body time to get used to her new heart, we will be on Sildenafil until they feel her pressures will be fine without it (probably a couple of months).  

I am nervous about the breathing tube coming out because I want it so bad... I want her to be comfortable and start the downhill side of this surgery.  She won't reach down hill until she makes it over the mountain that is the ventilator.  And, because of her highly sensitive gag reflex the ventilator can be extremely uncomfortable for her.  Thankfully today we have not witnessed her going into severe gag and puke mode, but then again we are trying very hard not to jostle her around too much! Right now she is sleeping, waking occasionally to look at her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show that we have playing.  She is somewhat lucid, but still clearly very much in a drugged up haze.  The good news is that she most likely won't remember any of this part of this.  The bad news is that we do!  I keep asking for Versed, but they just laugh and think I am kidding.  I guess I am kidding, but wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to remember any of this either!?  

Anyway, now I'm just rambling...please pray that Carla's PICC placement in her left arm goes perfectly and that she can get her breathing tube out and and be breathing with her perfectly healthy lungs by this evening!  Thank you so much for the prayers!  

Love, Jen

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cici said...

You know I am Praying...
Patience has been testing you too much lately.
Stay upbeat for Carla. It will be all just be a memory soon. You better rest up for when she gets home and runs you ragged! ;)
Please Let us know how everything goes.