The Hutch School Art Show

We were invited to Carla's school today for a little art show.  All the kids' art was displayed, we got to hear from a couple of local artists who volunteer at the school, and have lunch with the kids.  Carla's school is the coolest!  I cannot even begin to explain how extremely grateful and happy we are that she is able to actually participate in a school setting, let alone such a totally awesome school!  We were seriously freaking out about the fact that she was Kindergarten age, but so compromised that we couldn't have her around other kids.  When the nurses told us about the Hutch school we were thrilled! It is so extremely wonderful that she can be involved in a school that checks for symptoms, sends kids home when they are sick, has hand sanitizer on every table, offers free homemade lunches, counseling sessions teaching the core values of caring for one another, offers art from local artists, music by local musicians, dance from local dance teachers, pottery from  local artists, a K-3rd grade class that helps Carla grow and learn on her own level, but also from the older kids, etc., etc., etc.  We are SO blessed and I couldn't be happier!  Here are some pictures of Carla's art, and of the day.

Love, Jen

Carla, 5, Montana
I like painting because it is fun to do and messy.
I feel happy because I like creating art.
I like painting with watercolors best.
(Carla's Great Great Grandma Schiller was an artist...I hope she gets a little of that gene).  

On the shelf next to Carla are 2 pieces that she created.

Also Carla's art.

A panoramic view of the school...

Carla, with her friends...

Hamming it up and playing...

You have no idea how it warms my heart to see her play with other kids.  It is truly a blessing.

Another art project of Carla's

And a final project....

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