The Call!!!!

Just about 30 seconds after saying our prayers tonight we got "the call" that Carla's perfect heart will be ready for her in the morning.  We are headed over to the hospital and cannot even believe this day has finally come.  Here's to Carla Morgan Wright's perfect new heart.  Please pray for her donor family, as they have given the most beautiful gift anyone could ever give... Please also pray for Carla's surgery to go as smoothly as possible.  And now we embark on a whole new journey.... 


kam5544 said...

God Bless Carla and your beautiful family! So excited for you and prayers that everything goes smoothly. :o)

cici said...

Carla will be in my Prayers and you too. Don't forget to breathe.
Please keep us posted and give her a huge hug.
May God Bless the donor family in their sorrow.

Wendy said...

Wonderful news, I am so very happy for you!!!

Thinking of you today and hoping it's the perfect heart for your beautiful girl!

Wendy (heart momma to Chris)