Thanksgiving, Post Op Day 7

Today has pretty much been a day of naps... Bobby, myself, and even my Dad had cat naps today... Carla has a terrible gag reflex, so whenever she wakes up she starts gagging uncontrolably and puking up mucus.... So, since they aren't planning on extubating today we have encouraged the nurse to keep her comfortable enough to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day, as they plan on having a PICC line placed as well as extubating her.  Let's pray her lungs are healthy and that breathing on her own will come with great ease.  The plan is to turn off feeds at 4:00 am to get her ready for the PICC placement. Once she gets the PICC line we should be able to remove her leaky central line, which is in her neck, causing a wound and looking irritated. As well as get rid of the arterial line that is in her right wrist, possibly freeing up her right hand.... Which would come in handy when she is cognizant enough to play some of her DSi   Here's to A restful night and perfect day tomorrow!

Love, Jen

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