Thanksgiving, Post Op Day 7

Well, today is Thanksgiving and we are so thankful for so many things... but, that being said, it doesn't feel like a holiday to us.  We can't wait for the day that Carla is released from the hospital and we can have a holiday of our own.  One that includes all kinds of food, snuggling, laughing and fun.  I'm sure ice cream will be in order!

As far as Carla goes, she is still pretty much the same.  Her vent is still in, and even though all of her levels show that she may be ready for extubation, they are leaving it in for one more day because her BNP level is still high (her heart is still a little bit too stiff) and because they want to give her a PICC line... today is a holiday, so the PICC line team is on holiday.  And, they would like to give her the PICC while she is still intubated.  We've had similar situations in the past with holidays or in Salt Lake, Sundays.  It seems that nothing can change during holidays, or in Salt Lake, Sundays, because they tend to do things when more people are around...  I'm not going to lie and say this isn't frustrating.  But, I also don't think dwelling on that part of it is helpful.  The best thing we can do is try to roll with the punches...and that is what we are trying to do.  The good thing about her being intubated is that we know she is getting good air in the lungs and that being on the vent gives her new heart a bit of a rest.  The bad part of it is that being on the ventilator is very uncomfortable, she can't get up and move around (which exacerbates all kinds of other problems), she can't drink, eat, or talk with her mouth, she has a horrendous gag reflex and every time they do her shake treatment or try to readjust her she starts gagging and puking.  All in all, it's very difficult to watch her have to go through all of this and we will be so tremendously thankful when this part of the journey has come to an end.

Thank you all for the continued prayers!  We hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Love,  Jen

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