Sunday Morning (post op day 3)

So, we have had both a decent and a rough night.  After re-positioning Carla last night her O2s  jumped to the high 80s, low 90s (on 6 liters of oxygen).  She has had a lot of junk in her lungs (mostly old blood from surgery) and so has had labored breathing.  They have given her both xopenex (to open the lungs) treatments and pulmozyme treatments (to help dissolve the junk in her lungs).  She has been getting physio treatments and then they are also using a suction hose down the nose to try to help get the junk out after pounding on her chest.  We are going to switch to the vest treatments, instead of pounding, because we think she will tolerate that better.  She fights the pounding and it wears her out.  (Don't worry though, she is giving them the what for!)  I think she should be getting more breathing treatments and will let the docs know during rounds that I think she should be getting them every 4 hours.  Her O2s have been so much higher after these treatments.

Bobby started to feel under the weather yesterday and left immediately.  He is feeling upset about not being here for us, and about the possibility of having exposed Carla to something.  If you can all say a prayer that he gets better super fast, and that nobody else gets sick, we would all appreciate that.

Right now the RT just came in with another xopenex treatment... I guess the squeaky wheel (or Mommy) get's the med...  :)

Anyway, little miss just needs lots of prayers for healthy lungs and heart.  Prayers that her body accepts this new organ as it's own and that she starts healing and feeling so much better immediately.

Thank you for your love and support.


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Lisa Luke said...

"A heart life is a marathon, not a sprint." words that were spoken to us right after our Brady was born. Marathons will have smooth roads, and they will have some curvy bumpy patches as well. Carla will pace herself and won't want anyone else dictating how fast or slow she should go. You know your daughter...listen to her and continue to be that advocate, her voice during this time. She is wrapped in love and prayers. God gave her this precious gift, and He will see her through.