Some pictures from the weekend.

Saturday morning Carla felt the need to get in to her Sleeping Beauty dress, put on her pink hair, and admire herself in the mirror. :)  Of course, I had to get pictures...

She looks very satisfied with herself :)
 Saturday afternoon we headed to Renton and had Brenda cut her hair.  Carla was a little more wiggly than usual, so we were glad she turned out looking alright afterwards :)

Here she is after the cut :)
Sunday afternoon Bev watched Carla so that Bobby and I could have an afternoon together.  When we got back to Bev's this is how we found her....

It's a me, Mario!   

Our little silly...
 Have you ever noticed the way kids LOVE playing in the rain with umbrellas?  Well, every time it rains, Carla HAS to hold the umbrella, which can get tricky because she is half my size ;)
Here she is after school today... are you surprised it was raining?  
 We are getting excited about Bobby's folks coming this Saturday! We haven't seen them since our super fast trip home at the end of August, so it will be good to visit and for Carla to spend some time hanging with her Grandparents Wright.  We hope Cody and Thomas can come up for Thanksgiving, but aren't sure it will come to fruition, because of the roads as well as the fact that Cody just got a job.  We will keep our fingers crossed.  My folks are coming in December too, so we are really looking forward to seeing them as well!  This little Wright Family sure does love our family... we can't wait to see them again!

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