Saturday, November 24th, post op day 9

The plan for Carla today is to do whatever she can tolerate   She can eat, starting with liquids and moving forward.  They took her arterial line out, so her right hand is free, they are weaning her nitric oxide all day and once that is done we will probably be rid of the oxygen as well!  I had to come back to the apartment because I started to feel a tiny bit under the weather.  I'm not sure if it's just that I need some sleep or if I am catching something.  So, the plan is for me to sleep for a while and see how I feel afterwards.  I am hoping so much to wake up and feel like a million bucks, because NOT being with Carla during this time is far from ideal.  I want to be there to share in every single moment!  So, that being said, it's time for bed.  I will be in touch later tonight!  

Love, Jen

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