Saturday night update

So just a little update, we had a hard day after extubation..Carla's saturations levels have been low and her lungs are junky (my last blog post was all about that). Since then she has been getting breathing treatments,physio treatments and being made to cough a lot. She is acting appropriate with regard to waking up, talking a little, asking for water and her grandparents.   This will take time, Carla Morgan Wright never makes these things easy for us! But, I am confident that with prayer and top notch care, she will pull through this and be 100% before we know it. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.  I need to get back to her now.  

Love, Jen


cici said...

Carla will be just fine, she just needs a little extra time. She likes to keep people on their toes and staying attentive. We have her surrounded in Prayer, Do not worry.

Maureen Balyeat said...

Prayers being sent from our hospital to yours!

Benefis Peds

Trev said...

Hi there Wright Family,
Just want to say how much your news of a new heart has touched us all! Words can't express our pure joy that this has happened.
What a wonderful Thanksgiving present.
Always in our Prayers.