I think today will be a day of sedated rest.  Carla has barely  moved a muscle since I arrived at the hospital 6 hours ago, but her lungs sound better.  Her x-ray shows signs of pooling in the bottom of her right lung, so that's probably where she was bleeding from and what needs to heal.  The EEG yesterday showed no seizure activity, so that confirms that her hallucinations and psychotic behavior were not caused from seizures.

I just had a long conversation with one of the transplant doctors and it sounds like they will likely switch her from the tacrolimus to the cyclosporin for anti-rejection meds.  We don't want to risk her having the same kind of brain reaction to the tacrolimus that she had before... and, if later down the road the cyclosporin gives her side affects that we don't like, we can try the tacrolimus again.  It's just that in this very compromised state she is in right now, the tacrolimus is more dangerous and we don't want to risk damaging her brain.

That's about all I have for now.  Please pray for continued healing for our little sweet toot.

Love, Jen


Lisa Luke said...

Huge heart hugs, love, and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers many times a day from California.