Re-intubated :(

Carla Morgan Wright has been re-intubated. She had a hard night, has been producing a whole bunch of secretions and so breathing was very labored and O2s ended up getting very low (as low as in the 50s). The docs want to protect the new heart, so put her back on the ventilator. We are concerned about the vent because of her previous bronchial malacia and how difficult it was for her to get off the vent the last time.
 But, we couldn't get her oxygen saturations up, so in the end had no choice but to put her back on it. 

Right now the docs are replacing her central line, which started oozing yesterday. So, we have been kicked into the waiting room. This is just going to be a long and hard process...Carla doesn't seem to like to make things easy for us in these situations... The doctors also talked about pulling her chest tube today.  If they do that they will start giving her vest treatments, instead of pounding on her chest (which REALLY makes her angry).  I think the next time around the docs are going to be way more cautious about getting her off the vent.  

Please pray that Carla gets better.  We love her so much and it is so difficult to see her struggling...

Love, Jen

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