Post Op Day 8 - Morning update

So, Carla had a pretty good night, except for gagging and puking on her tube.  Today we hope to get her extubated as well as getting a PICC line and taking her neck line out.  She is scheduled to get the PICC at 1:00, so hopefully we will extubate soon thereafter and that everything will go perfectly.  Right now the echo person is on her way to our room  and rounds are not for another hour or so. We won't know if they still plan to extubate until after rounds, so keep your fingers crossed.  She has been back on the vent since Sunday around 7:00 a.m., so it would be huge to get her moving along in the right direction.  We miss Carla...so we are all anxious to get this moving towards her being in a more normal state.  Sure do love our sweet toot.  Please say a prayer.

Love, Jen

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Allison said...

Fingers and toes are crossed for a successful extubation today! Go Carla Go!!!