Post Op, day 2, Update (Saturday)

This morning has been somewhat difficult only because little Miss Toot seems to be very angry about both her ventilator and the fact that her arms are restrained to keep her from ripping the ventilator out!  Every time she tries to go to sleep she startles awake and tries to sit up.  So, we have had to stand at bedside all morning continually telling her to lay down and try to sleep.  The nurse thinks she probably has so much more energy than ever before that it is hard for her to lay in bed.  I think she is right, I also think she just wants to get comfortable and comfortable is a hard thing to do when your arms are tied down!  But luckily, this problem should be remedied this afternoon!  After reviewing this morning's echo, Dr. Kemna decided that Carla's heart looks well enough to extubate!  (Take the vent out).  They leave it in at first because it actually gives the heart a little bit of a rest.  Once it comes out her heart will have to work a little harder, but I'm sure she will start to get better at a ridiculously fast pace.  There was also a little bit of fluid around the heart, but the docs are continuing diuretics to get rid of the fluid.  

All is well!  Please continue to keep Carla in your prayers!  Thank you and lots of love!


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