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I know you all want to know something and honestly, so do we. We spoke to a neuralogist last night after 10:00. She pretty much had no answers. Apparently Carla Morgan Wright's brain swelling is not consistent with PRES, but they don't see any signs of a stroke either. The big wig fancy doctors will be looking at the MRI today and maybe they will have more answers. I'm hoping that once the ta
chrolimus is out of her system that she will be normal again. Honestly, I don't give a damn about WHY she is acting the way she is. I just want it fixed!!! I want it all to go away and for my perfect, bright little ray of sunshine to be back. This is so messed up on so many levels and I am breaking into a million pieces. I just need my baby back. Please pray. Love, Jen

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Carla and each one of you are in my prayers. You have all been through so much, this is just so heartbreaking to everyone who loves you guys. You have a big community of people who love and care for you, we are all sending strength and love. Be strong and don't lose your faith that Carla will be okay...Linda S