Morning update and pictures from last night

Good morning! I went back to the apartment and slept for a few hours and Bobby's mom took the night shift with Carla. She did will through the night, did need for her pacemaker to do it's job a bit, but that is completely normal for after transplant. (They put pacing wires in during surgery). Right now she is sleeping, wakes up occasionally and can nod her head yes or no as to whether she is in pain or not. If she is, they give her meds to make her feel better. The focus at this point is just to mostly let her heal and sleep...heal and sleep. :)

As much as we would like for Carla to sleep though, she continues to try to stay awake.  She wants to tell us all about something, but she can't talk yet because of her ventilator.  Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday.

Carla's pink foot

Sleeping, she looks really good.

02s are at 100!  


Aimee Hardy said...

She looks great! So pink. What a miracle

Anonymous said...

Praying that she is doing well! Can't wait for another update.