More of the same...

Today seems to be more of the same.   Carla seems to be very sedated, her lungs are full of fluid and she is getting respiratory treatments, vest treatments, heart transplant drugs, etc.  I'm hoping for a turn around with regard to the amount of secretions she is producing but I'm thinking that will just have to be in her time, and in God's.  As a parent, it is very difficult to watch her go through this and to be patient.  Of course we want her well, right now!  But Carla has never been one to make things easy.  So, we have to be patient.  At least Bobby isn't sick anymore, so that's really good news.  Right now they are getting ready to bag and suction her, so I'm go to go check out how much junk they can get out of her lungs...

Love, Jen

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cici said...

Poor little Toot Toot. What she really needs is to start getting up and walking around and that will clear it all.
My son had a collapsed lung after surgery and they did all the treatmets, but improvement really came when he was able to get up and walk a bit. They had in so doped on on Morphine he would not wake up for more than a second at a time and that was just contributing to his problem.
I know Doctors go to Medical School and we should never doubt them, but sometimes we have to intervene. I made them stop the Morphine and I never heard him complain of pain and he was up the next day feeling better.
Please don't let them over sedate her just to keep her quiet. It's what Hospitals do. :(
Prayers are heading Carla's way to be up and at em soon.