Holy crap

Our daughter knows how to make a hospital work for their money!  She was extubated, started to desat into the 80s, they put her on a high flow canula, she continued to de-sat, they tried CPAP and her sats dropped into the 50s and all of a sudden she was limp, not trying to fight for anything and  freaking everyone out.  The docs gave her a drug that reverses the side affects of narcotics (narcan) and she started to wake up more and fight.  They put her back on high flow, gave her some physio treatments (pounding on the chest to get the junk out), gave her a xopenex treatment (breathing treatment), put her back on her pediatric canula at 6 liters and now she is satting from 87 to 93 again.  Her lungs are coarse and she needs to be coughing up some junk.  But, she is not re-intubated or dead.  So, we win.  That was extremely scary and we are so thankful she came out of it.  Please keep praying that Carla heals up and does well.

Love, Jen

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