Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween adventures began around 12:30 when we met at Carla's school to go over to the SCCA Clinic in Seattle for trick or treating!  All the kids at the Hutch School shuttled over to the clinic where they trick or treated for about an hour and a half.  There were 7 floors and lots of treats as well as loot for the kids.  Carla looked adorable in her Minnie Mouse outfit and we enjoyed watching her with her peers as they went around to all the different stations and collected loot :)  Upon arriving home we ate, Carla stripped her costume and promptly fell asleep on my lap.  All that walking around really tuckered her out!  We had a lot of fun and the day was a success!  :)

Minnie, and her Daddy, on the shuttle to the clinic. 

Waiting for the rest of the group :)

Carla's group... the angel is Carla's little care taker... it is so sweet to see that she has friends looking out for her :)

Trick or treat!

It's Jack!

After trick or treating :)  Carla was spent!

Walking back to the car... I wanted a picture of her with her umbrella... 

She was NOT cooperating... 

Still not cooperating...

Here I got her as she was trying to get her umbrella in front of herself ....

Finally, at home, she posed, and my camera took a blurry shot... I guess it wasn't meant to be...

Carla's Grandparents Wright sent her a new coat :)  Here she is getting ready to send herself back to MT  :)

With her loot :)

Tuckered out!!!
Tonight we have a surprise for Carla... We have tickets to see Disney on Ice!!!  I can't wait to see how excited she is going to be!!

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